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About your OAT test results

A personal copy of your unofficial OAT score report will be provided at the testing center. Within 3 to 4 weeks of your test date, the Department of Testing Services will share your official OAT scores with the optometry education programs you selected when you applied for the OAT. Use your PIN and password to obtain the results of your Optometry Admission Test (OAT) or request an audit below.

Frequently asked questions about OAT results

How is the test scored?

OAT scores are based on the number of correct responses. Please refer to the OAT Guide for detailed scoring information.

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Is the OAT scored on a curve?

No. OAT scores are reported as standard scores. These scores provide normative information about knowledge or problem solving skills you have demonstrated on the test. This allows for direct comparison of your abilities with those of others taking the test.

Where can I get more details on OAT, including test scores?

For more details on OAT, including test scores, refer to the OAT Guide.

When will the optometry schools I selected get my test results?

Your official test scores will be sent to the schools you designated within 3 to 4 weeks of your test date. These results are shared electronically. 

If I don’t score as well as I hoped, can my test results be voided?

Once you have taken the OAT, your scores become part of your permanent record and cannot be voided. However, you can take the OAT more than once. Refer to the OAT Guide to learn more about this option.

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How can I confirm which schools received my OAT results?

When you applied to take the OAT, you indicated which optometry schools should receive your results. The Department of Testing Services suggests that you send results to all schools, since there is no charge for this service when you make this selection at the time of registration. (Additional schools can be added later, but a fee will apply.)

The list of optometry programs you choose to receive your scores will appear on your OAT confirmation email. You can also log in later through MyAccount to view the schools you selected.

Can I send test results to additional schools?

Yes. Please note that you will pay a fee to send results to schools not designated at the time of your original application. Please refer to the OAT Candidate Guide (PDF) for fee information.

I have not taken the OAT yet. Can I change which schools will receive my scores?

Once you have submitted your application for the OAT, you cannot change the list of schools you originally chose to receive your test scores. Note that you can designate any number of schools at no extra charge, but they must be selected at the time you apply for OAT. After you have registered for the OAT, you can request that reports be sent to additional schools for a fee. Please refer to the OAT Candidate Guide (PDF) for fee information.

If I take the OAT more than once, can I select which scores are sent to optometry schools?

You cannot choose to send only selected test results. Official OAT results are reported electronically within three to four weeks of the testing date to the schools you selected at the time of application. If you have tested more than once, a history of all testing attempts will be reported to the schools you designate.