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Test Preparation

OAT Biology Test Specifications Updated April 13, 2022 

Updates to the OAT Biology test specifications were implemented on April 13, 2022. Students who plan to take the OAT on or after April 13, 2022 are encouraged to review the updated specifications provided at the link below. The updated Biology test specifications include several new topics that were not previously covered on the examination.

OAT Practice Tests

The OAT program offers practice tests with questions written by actual OAT test constructors.

The intent of the practice tests is to help candidates understand the types of questions that will be asked on the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). These practice tests feature the types of questions and question formats used in the actual test and will mirror the actual test specifications, although some modules/sections have fewer items.
All practice items are copyrighted property. The practice items are intended for the use of educators and students within the educational environment or for individual study and may not be reproduced in any format, whether paper or electronic, without expressed written permission.

This practice test should only be used as a personal resource when studying and preparing for an admissions examination. The number of correct answers will be reported upon completion of each module. Scores will not be provided. 
The specifications of the actual test can change over time; always refer to the current Optometry Admission Test (OAT) Guide for the most current information about the test. The OAT Guide is updated each year and is posted on the OAT web site.
Applicants may choose between the following testing options:
• Individual modules, each available for $20.
• A full practice test, for the discounted price of $100.

Individual Modules ($20 each)

1. Biology 201 (40 items)
2. Organic Chemistry 201 (30 items)
3. General Chemistry 201 (30 items)
4. Reading Comprehension 201 (25 items)
5. Quantitative Reasoning 201 (40 items)
6. Physics 201 (40 items) 

Once purchased, candidates will have 24 hours to access and complete the testing module. When the time expires, the test will end even if you are taking the test at that time.

The Individual Modules for the OAT are identical to the modules included in the Full Practice Test.

OAT Full Practice Test

This test includes the following six modules ($100 for all six):

1. Biology 201 
2. Organic Chemistry 201
3. General Chemistry 201
4. Reading Comprehension 201
5. Quantitative Reasoning 201
6. Physics 201

This test has an allotted time of 3 hours and 35 minutes, which is divided into timed sections; this allows candidates to simulate the time constraints of the actual test. The practice tests do not include a break. Once you click “Begin Test” you must take the test in the allotted time. 

The OAT Program does not endorse any test preparation courses and has no data on the content or efficacy of test preparation courses designed to prepare examinees to take the OAT. The OAT Program urges individuals considering participating in test preparation courses to review carefully the course materials to ensure that they reflect the current content of the OAT.

Prometric Online Tutorial

It may be helpful to take the following tutorial to view the format of the OAT presented on test day:

OAT Tutorial

Helpful Information

Remember that when you test, the name on your IDs must match exactly with the name on your application. If the name on your application and your IDs do not match exactly, you will be denied admission to testing and, as a result, forfeit your scheduled testing appointment and your application fee. You will be required to submit a new application. 

Examinees that experience concerns about scheduling issues, testing conditions, or any unresolved problem should inform the Test Administrator before leaving the test center and record this information in the appropriate section of the post-test survey. For issues requiring further action, examinees must contact the Optometry Admission Testing Program at: within five business days of the testing appointment. 

Scoring Questions (PDF)

Prometric Link: What to Expect 

Reference Texts

Please refer to the OAT reference texts below for helpful resources while studying for the test. 

OAT Reference Texts (PDF)