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OAT Newsletters and Resources

OAT Newsletter

OAT User Guide

The OAT is a battery consisting of the following four individual tests: the Survey of the Natural Sciences, Reading Comprehension Test, Physics Test, and Quantitative Reasoning Test. Detailed information can be found in the User Guide below.

OAT User Guide (PDF)

OAT Examinee Information Report

The OAT Examinee General Information Report provides general demographic information on examinees who applied to take the OAT. Trend tables are included to identify changes taking place among examinees. This information may be of use to optometry schools as they review their admission procedures. For more detailed information regarding OAT performance, please refer to the Optometry Admission Test User Guide.

OAT Examinee General Information Report (PDF)

OAT Validity Study

The OAT Validity Study reports the relationship among OAT scores, pre-optometry grade point averages (GPAs), and the academic and clinical achievements of a sample of students during their first and second-year in United States optometry schools. Correlation coefficients were used to understand the relationship between admission selection criteria (such as GPAs and OAT scores) and pre-optometry success in students' first two years of optometry education.

OAT Validity Study (PDF)

OAT Biology Readiness Survey Report

The 2018 OAT Biology Readiness Survey Report was conducted to update and establish the content domain and test specifications for the biology section of the OAT. This report documents results of three surveys developed to identify core knowledge in biology that students must know in order to be prepared for optometry school training. 

OAT Biology Readiness Survey Report (2018) (PDF)

OAT Contact Information

Optometry Admission Testing Program 
Department of Testing Services
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611